Read more ... After winning the newcomers awards for Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods, London based The Defiled got working and their second album ‘The Daggers’ which is due at the beginning of August. The enigmatically monikered keyboard player, The AvD, tells us the remarkable story of how it came into being.

Read more ...Finnish party metal troupe have regrouped with a new lead singer and a brand new record which will have you sing along until the wee hours on any festival this summer. Lead guitar player Anton Kabanen shouts it out loud with us.

Read more ...Een tijdje geleden namen we het album "Drop=Dead" van Beyond All Recognition al eens onder de loep. Naar aanleiding van onze review en de goeie score die Beyond All Recognition kreeg hadden we even de kans om de band wat vragen te stellen. Hieronder leest u wat drummer Edwin ons te zeggen had.

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